Clinical trial for fertility treatments for KS / CHH patients in Europe (GnRH pump).

There is a clinical trial starting in Switzerland at the moment for female fertility treatments using the GnRH pump.

The trial is being run at CHUV hospital in Lausanne by Prof. Nelly Pitteloud. This centre is a world leading KS / CHH research centre.

The GnRH pump is rarely available in the UK due to cost and lack of experience in using the pump. It works on the same principle as the insulin pump Type I diabetics use.

GnRH is gonadotrophin releasing hormone which is the hormone that is missing in KS / CHH. Taking GnRH will stimulate the production of FSH / LH from the pituitary, and in most cases lead to fertility and oestrogen production. It can be a very effective treatment. GnRH has to be released in small pulses throughout the day, hence the need for a pump rather than injections.

It would mean at least one, possible two trips to Switzerland to obtain the pump and medication but if fertility treatments have been denied in the past it could be a worthwhile trip.

Hopefully this trial might be open to male KS / CHH patients in the near future as well.

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Caroline Spaight