Patient meetings in the UK in 2015.

September 26th. Leeds City Centre.

Purely a social meet up. A meal in a local restaurant and a couple of drinks in a quiet pub. Normally we have about 10 people attend these meetings. Just a chance for patients to meet up on their and have a talk.

October 31st Royal. Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Medical meeting with Dr Richard Quinton from the RVI and Prof. Nelly Pitteloud and Dr Andrew Dwyer from CHUV, Switzerland. A chance to meet three leading KS medical experts and ask questions. There will be short presentations and question and answer sessions. We will probably meet up for a meal somewhere in the city centre afterwards as well. Normally we get about 20 people at these meetings, of all groups.

I will post more details when I have them but you can always ../contact me at for more ../information.